Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Winemaker's Wife: Part I

July 14, 2015
Creekside Vineyards, Coal Valley IL
In efforts to renew my interest and enjoyment in writing, and to increase communication with our customers, friends, and family, this marks my first efforts at a blog... The first news being that Creekside Vineyards is preparing for harvest and enjoying the summer, with time in the vineyard, enjoy baseball games, an amusement park visit, family gatherings, all while operating the Tasting Room, Wine Terrace, and Inn.  When you love your work, work becomes a pleasure.  

We look forward to sharing our passion of wine, the outdoors, family, and creativity with anyone interested in learning about us and following us in the growth of our business and development of our lives. 

The picture you see is a view of our vineyard in spring; our vines daily remind me of  the cyclic nature of time, the importance of commitment and patience, the delicate yet resilient nature of our world, and provide me with a sense of place I only feel when close to nature.  My husband John and I have spent countless hours tending the vineyard over the years.  It provides us a good crop for wine making but also, maybe more importantly, an incredibly place to share with family, friends,  each other. 

From the hawk's screech to the owl's hoot, to the sounds of conversation at the Inn or Wine Terrace, to the lull of the green tractor in the vineyard, Creekside Vineyards is not just our place of business, it is our home.  We look forward to sharing stories about both with you.... 

~ The Winemaker's Wife